‘The customer was looking to bring something unique to the new premises and it wasn’t long until we looked at classic ways of service. I’ve been modifying electrics in one way or another for a long time now and the idea of a colour changing lamp really jumped out at me. Paul (The owner of Ma Kellys) and I soon came to agreement on a design, then it was just a case of working out the means. After a couple prototypes, we ended up taking a table lamp with touch capabilities and fitted a relay modification that would allow a second circuit to operate. When this circuit engages, a second red light that we have installed replaces the white one, and ‘hey presto’ touch the lamp and the waitress knows you’re ready for a drink.’

Good Afternoon, did any of you see our lamps on Channel 5 last week?

That’s correct, we hit the bright lights of TV, thanks to the bright lights of Blackpool! If any of you were watching ‘Bargain Loving Brits in Blackpool’, we were the electrical contractors brought in for the refurbishment of Uncle Tom’s Cabin by the Ma Kelly group. And, the ‘mod con’ touch waitress lamps (described above) are the brain child of our very own owner, Jon.